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Pixels On a Screen (POAS) is 2D casual platformer.

The player must maneuver the character on different platforms to collect coins and treasures and avoid obstacles like gaps and spike and occasionally solve small puzzle like scenarios like " which barrels should I break to be able to get to the next platform without stranding myself with no way to finish the level?".

The player can also plays as different characters after collecting enough coins and buying them in the main menu.

The game currently only has 1 zone but more zones will be made soon.

Make a suggestion in the comments ( level design wise, mechanics, anything really )

steam page: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/...

--Update 5/12/16--

-added controller support

-added new secret level in level 6.

-added Power Pennies (square coins with stars on them). When collected, Power Pennies give the play 10 coins each. In addition, when three Power Pennies are collected, the player can activate PP Special by pressing Q on the keyboard or Y on the controller (PP Special clears active screen of spikes and turns them into coins).

-holding B on controller (no button yet assigned to keyboard) while playing as Boxy the Box makes you move faster.

-fixed other game mechanics:

saving, loading,and the continue function (now continues from highest level reached and reopens maximum level if reached)

Update Status:Released

--Update 3/12/16 --

tomorrow (4/12/16) I'll be uploading an update for the game which will include (maybe more):

-2 new levels

-a new hitting animation

-you can now hit while moving (though the game will halt your movement when you hit for a very brief time)

-an autosave function that allows you to resume your game after you've closed it.

Update Status:Released


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